° FAQs

  • What makes you different from others selling the same items?

It's quite simple, we're open to pushing our limits for you. Not only that, we try to make our prices feasible to any and all customers. All prices here are set but when it comes to commissions, we try and make it as low for you as possible while still being able to make some profit as your costs goes back into the store.

  • Where do you operate from?

In a galaxy far, far away. But on a serious note... we operate from our homes here in the United States. Or if we're out of our homes then it's wherever our butts are sitting at that moment in time.

  • What forms of payment do you currently accept?
As of this moment, we only accept PayPal but we will try to accept other forms in the future.
  • Can I still buy a product without using PayPal?
YES!! Many people believe that paying via the PayPal website you must have an account. Although you DO NOT need an account, it is a quicker way than not having one. If you do not have one, still click through to PayPal and have your debit/credit card ready. It is quicker and easier for payments to be processed via a PayPal account but we understand many people do not like making accounts for everything. Not using an account may take your payment longer to process on our end but you can do it, if you try!
  • I bought a product and I'm not happy with it, how do I return it?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on any products sold from our stores. They're one-of-a-kind and all sales are final. There is no "I thought it would be bigger!" or "But the picture looked way different than what I received!!!!" when it comes to our policy. That said; we will allow some circumstances when it comes to personal commissions. We know that you may not know exactly what you want and although we will try our best to keep you updated and send progress images [unless you want to see the final product without any knowledge prior] we realize that your end product might not be of your expectations. In this case, we have your information and we're already discussing how we can make your product better.
  • I was drunk when I pressed "Buy", can I have my money back?
You know the old saying, "Don't drink and shop."? No? Well, now you do. You're a grown adult and should have the wherewithal when it comes to things such-as this. If there was a mistake that we can confirm then yes, your money will be refunded as quickly as possible otherwise, you're out-of-luck. Adulting is hard, we know, we're adults too.
  • Do you ship internationally?
Beautiful question and we want to say YES! That being said, it will depend on the weight and size of what you've ordered. If there is a product that is too expensive to ship for us, we will notify you and try to come to an agreement to remedy the situation. Otherwise, the majority of all of our products [including commissions as we will talk about shipping prices one-on-one] will be able to be shipped anywhere in the world....... if customs allow.
  • Whom do you ship through?
Depending on the time of day, holidays surrounding shipping, and a few other reasons -- it'll be either UPS or USPS. We will try our best to use UPS each and every time. With that said; if prices are cheaper elsewhere we will go with them. No matter what, your tracking number will be e-mailed to you the day it is shipped.
  • My product was damaged during shipping, what do I do?
As idiotic as it may sound, we ask that anyone that buys any products from us we ask that you, before opening the contained it was shipped in, to start recording with your phone or other device. We want to believe anyone that says it was damaged during shipment but there have been some where that was clearly not the case.
  • My shipment never arrived, what do I do?
Of course we know things happen but we will have to investigate further before we take your word that your product was lost in-transit. It could take a couple of minutes and up to 30 days or more. This isn't unreasonable and unheard of as this is a standard throughout the business world. If we find that your shipment was in fact lost then we will replace it or refund your money.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?

This will be determined on the weight as well as where you live throughout the country and world. As a standard, we tell everyone to wait at least two weeks before contacting us. If you're outside of the United States [this includes Canada... it isn't in the U.S. is it?] please allow up to a month. Why so long outside of the U.S.? Simply put, customs and the fact that it sometimes is taken on boat. Why a boat? We're two people paying for a lot out-of-pocket and it might be cheaper for us which means it's cheaper for you. If you want it quicker then we ask you to pay for the shipping price.

  • I seen a product I wanted to buy but it was sold out, will you have more soon?
As the majority of all paintings, dioramas, models and other products we sell are one-of-a-kind the answer is most likely no. If there is more than one we will certainly have the product listed as such. Although we may not have another available please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know you liked it and we will see what we can do to make it happen. [All products are unique so it may vary to some degree as to what you seen in the image of the product that has been sold already.]
  • I want to commission you, do I need to pay upfront?
As you can imagine, many people will go through the process of a commissioned piece. From their dream design all the way to materials and then, after work has began are no longer interested. Well, that means we're out money and time and now we have a personalized commission that no one else is going to want. Our policy is at least half of the end product price upfront. This is essentially your deposit as well as it will go towards any [sometimes all] supplies for the job as well. The rest will be due before shipment of your product after we contact you that it has been completed.
  • I entered the wrong contact/address [my information is wrong!]. How do I change it?
If you have already already received a tracking number then there isn't much we can do. You'll have to contact the one shipping to you. If your shipment has yet to be shipped out then message via Facebook or e-mail us ASAP on our contact page. Give us your order number, first-last name and e-mail address you used when ordering and we'll help you out if we're able to do so.
  • You have a limited amount of products on your store, why?
This is Big Cartel and we couldn't thank them enough for giving people like us a free place to sell you products. In the future we will be able to afford to add extra products and other glorious things via Big Cartel but until then please bear with us until then. There may also be some products available on our Facebook as well as Instagram.