° What Is Entwined Chaos?

When you're alone, not sure what to do after binge watching every show imaginable and you have paints, bits and bobs, and a never-ending mind that falls deep into the galaxy ---- you sometimes end up building a whole new world. Here at Entwined Chaos, we aren't professionally trained but we put our heart and souls into everything we do. These started out as hobbies and turned into this beautiful store that you're at now.

We're two best friends that decided that we'd share our minds with the rest of you. And honestly, that's what we're doing. Everything you see is from our own minds [unless we give credit in the description to other sources] and we're proud to say we're both self-taught. Nothing really scares us in this world more than each other and even then, it takes a lot. Sometimes we like to play in lava but that's only when the floor is out of commission. Both of us have a dark sense of humor and sometimes you might see that in the dioramas, paintings, and other merchandise that becomes available. 

There's some themes you may notice while we're also both geeks. Yes. We're geeks. No, we don't live in our parents' basements but sometimes we do dive into the depths of the nearest underground dungeon. It's a nice place once you're there. Trust us.

If you have any questions or would like to commission us for something you'd like in your own home, office, bedroom, dungeon, cave, or under the rock you're probably sleeping under then please, feel free to contact us here.